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What is the VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy?

The cancellation procedures are not much complicated as you might think, if you have an idea about the cancellation policy of your particular airlines, you can save much money. Before booking the VivaAerobus Airlines ticket you must understand the VivaAerobus cancellation policy. Sometimes people are not able to travel on the reservation date or their plan has canceled to travel then they need to cancel their flight ticket. The VivaAerobus airline cancellation policy is always in favor of passengers. The reason behind the favor is that VivaAerobus airlines are one of the best policies in comparison to other airlines company. If any incident has happened to you also due to which you also have to cancel the ticket of VivaAerobus airlines, in this case, you can cancel the flight ticket very easily. Some information related to the VivaAerobus Airlines cancellation policy is given below, you just have a look.

The VivaAerobus Cancellation policy is worded a follows

1. If the flight is canceled up to four hours of booking, you will receive a full refund of your ticket value, otherwise, this is not to be refunded.

2. According to the VivaAerobus airline cancellation policy, passengers can get a full refund.

3. If the passenger cancels the VivaAerobus airline ticket within 24 hours before the flight departure schedule then they definitely get a refund, no refund amount will be charged.

4. According to the VivaAerobus refund policy, people can request unused ticket returns.

5. When the passenger booked their VivaAerobus airlines flight in advance then they will get more flexible to cancel flight sixty-minute prior to the flight departure.

6. If you are booking your ticket for the US or Brazil then, you have booked a ticket at least seven days prior to the departure flight. In this way, you will receive the full cancellation fee within 24 hours of your flight reservations.

7. VivaAerobus Airlines Company provides the facility to claim a refund after canceling the flight. People can fill the online request form when they submit the refund form their request can be processed within 3 to 5 working days from making the request.

How to Cancel the VivaAerobus Flight Ticket?

Are you thinking of canceling tickets, then you might be thinking of refunds too. So before doing canceling the flight ticket then you should know about the policy of that airline because so many questions are circulating in the mind like after the ticket cancellation money will be refunded or not, if there is a refund then how much money I will receive and in which situation there will be no refund. The refundable amount is totally depending on the policy of the airlines. If you want to refund then you should fill the request form to submit. In this way, the airline company gets notified from you that you want to refund. So if there will be possible any refund then you will get according to the policy of VivaAerobus Airlines. If you are a thing that how to get a refund amount, then you no need to think very much because the refund process is the same as the booking and payment process of flight. In other words, the refund amount will be received in the same mode of transaction. So you will get the money in that account which you have done your booking with a payment. If you are trying to find the process to cancel flight tickets online, then you no need to go anywhere because you are in right place, some instructions are given on how you cancel your flight ticket by the VivaAerobus airline website portal.

A simple process is given to cancel VivaAerobus Airlines

1. First, you should open the browser in your system

2. Then go to the VivaAerobus Airlines website.

3. You should login by entering your email id and password.

4. You will see the option to manage your travel, you should click on it to log in to manage your booking.

5. Now you enter the VivaAerobus airlines booking ID corresponding to your booking and phone number that you have provided at the time of reservations.

6. After that, you get the option to cancel you above booking or cancel any specific passengers or sectors in your booking after you log in.

7. Then you need to select the cancel the booking, first, you should review the cancellation penalty and the refund amount of the ticket.

8. By applying all the above steps carefully, you will get the confirmation message regarding cancellation on the registered contact number and your application on phone.



VivaAerobus Ticket Cancellation Policy FAQ

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