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What is The Name Change/Correction Policy Of United Airlines?

If you have booked the ticket with United Airlines and before departure, you have submitted misspelled or an incorrect name so don't need to worry because if you know about the United Airlines Name Change Policy so you can easily correct or rectified the name on the booked ticket. Here you will get complete information about the rules of name change or correction offered by united airlines.

United Airlines Name Change Policy:

Passengers are prohibited to change their name on booked flight tickets as well as not being permitted to change ownership to another passenger.

The name change is also depending on the subject matter but, there is some restriction where passengers can correct their name under the United Airlines Name Correction Policy. Just follow the below-presented instructions:

Accurate Rules of Name Correction/Change with United Airlines

Passengers Can Correct Their Name with Some Restrictions such as:

  • Passengers don't need to require any document if they correct their name.
  • Passengers can correct the spelling of the first & last name.
  • Travellers can directly make changes to their name from the itinerary.
  • Passengers can also delete the middle name or first name.
  • Get the facility to change the nickname or vice-versa.

Specific Name Changes/Corrections:

Passengers can also correct/changes the significant name where they have to submit the legal document for the complete process and the document must be:

  1. Divorce agreement
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Attested Affidavit or other.

Name Change Fee on United Airlines:

 As per the United Airlines Name Change Policy, if any passenger makes their request for the name change or correction up to 2 hours before the actual scheduled departure of the flight time then, he/she have to pay 200 US dollars each person for the one-way. Also, the name change/correction fee will depend on the class, distance, or another major factor.


United Airlines Name Change And Correction Policy FAQ

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