What is the Pet Reservations Policy of Turkish Airlines?

The Flag carrier airline of Turkey, the Turkish airlines is best known for offering domestic and the International services to their valuable customers so that they can enjoy the services all the time life long without facing any struggle in their journey.

At any point, if you wish to travel with your beloved pet but don’t know the exact policy then quickly follow the steps mentioned below to keep yourself upgraded with the Turkish airline's Pet allowance policy:-

Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

  1. Any passenger traveling from Turkish Airlines and need to carry the pet then the passengers traveling with pets need to give approval for the pet allowances in the flight a minimum of 6 hours prior to departure
  2. 2 pets are allowed in the economy and 1 in business as per the policy
  3. On all the flights of A330, A340, and B777 aircraft, 3 pets are allowed in economy and 1 in business class.

Pets allowed in Cabin has some different Policy, and the terms & conditions are mentioned below:-

  • If any passenger is planning to take their pets in the Turkish airline cabins then they have to make sure that the dogs and cats have no respiratory problems as if any of them is having any issues they are not recommended to be carried in the cabin, as long as they meet the required size and weight restrictions.
  • Turkish Airlines allows dogs, cats, and small birds like goldfinches, budgies, and canaries to travel in the cabin, as long as the combined weight of the pet and carrier doesn't exceed up to 17 lbs (8 kg).
  • As per Turkish Airlines Cabin Policy no Dogs and cats, and cats and birds, are permitted on the same plane at any cost
  • Pets who share a carrier must be of the same species as per the policy and cannot exceed the required weight limit and carrier size. A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per passenger, but only 1 is permitted in the cabin by each passenger
  • In case of all the domestic flights, the minimum fee is 70 TRY for carrying the pet in the cabin
  • For international flights, the total weight of the pet and carrier will be multiplied by the excess baggage fee for that route. The minimum fee charged for transit flights and flights is between $35 and $150.
  • At any point if either dogs, cats, or birds, have proof of any medical allergy then the fellow passengers and the pet will not be allowed in the cabin.

There are some other strict policies of Turkish Airlines which passengers need to keep in mind if planning to travel along with their pets:-

  1. Any types of breeds like American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Doberman, pincher Doberman, and Rottweiler are not admitted or allowed on any Turkish Airlines' flight
  2. Only the pilot can make the final decision whether pets can travel on the flight or not.
  3. An any point, animals will not be allowed to travel if the ventilation conditions are insufficient,

Turkish Airlines allows the pet to travel in the cabin or hold, just only their caretakers need to follow some instructions before making them onboard. At any point if you want any other information on the pet allowances in Turkish Airlines then get connected with the customer care team who provides you 24*7 resolution on every and small big issue which may come in your way while booking a flight through Turkish Airlines.



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