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Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Spirit Airlines is a very low-cost airline based in Florida. The airlines greet small domesticated pets to travel in the cabin on almost all their domestic flights. So, if you are making a plan for a trip to your beautiful Pet on Spirit Airlines! Then you must know information about the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy and what would be the credentials required for travel in the passenger cabin!

Pets Must Match the Following Given Qualifications For Travel in the Passenger Cabin:

  • Spirit Airlines are allowed only small domesticated dogs, domesticated cats, small household birds, and small domestic rabbits for travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Your Pet must be comfortable resting in its kennel, under the seat for the entire flight.
  • The kennel is made for animal carriage perfectly and its dimensions don’t exceed 18in x 14in x 9in (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm) in overall dimensions (L x W x H).
  • As per Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, the pet has all necessary health documents or certifications required for traveling with passengers.
  • Your pet must be able to stand upright and move about comfortably in the container.
  • As per Spirit airlines policy and rules, Pet can’t be ill, vicious, or in physical distress.
  • Pet must keep on in the carrier for the whole duration of the Spirit Airlines flight.
  • Passengers traveling with pets will need to check-in airport at the ticket counter.

What is the Age Limit for Pet to Travel on Spirit Airlines?

  1. Spirit airlines permitted only 2 pets per container, but only one container per passenger is allowed.
  2. As per Spirit airlines policy, the pet should be at least eight (8) weeks old and fully weaned and the pet should fit under the seat and the front of the passenger.

Pets in Cargo Compartment:

  1. Spirit Airlines do have pet travel procurements as checked baggage or cargo at any time.
  2. The maximum weight of the Pet (animal) and carrier may not exceed 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

International Travel:

  • Spirit Airlines do not accept animals on international flights, except in the case of service animals.

Hence, get more information about the Spirit Airlines pet policy visit the official website.


This is the basic online method for Spirit Airlines Pet Policy and Booking. Please call our booking numbers to make booking.


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