Spirit Airlines provide an excellent rich air travel experience also has a user-friendly and simple Spirit Airlines Child Policy so that the parents can make hassle-free reservations for their child.

Therefore, airlines developed policies and rules that are really helpful guidelines for the parents of their children with the reservations, boarding, pick and drop, check-in; so that guardians can travel with children at Spirit flights comfortably.

What is Spirit Airlines Child Reservations Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Undoubtedly that Spirit airline is one of the best low-cost carriers in the USA. However, Spirit Airlines Child Policy and rules for a child, Minor, and Infant are very easily understandable, which are:

1. As per Spirit Airlines Child rules and guidelines, the airline allowed children under two years (24 months) can travel as lap infants without their own seats, otherwise, they can also choose the option for their own seats.

2. The child age of 4 Years and below will be considered as a lap child or infant. Spirit Airlines will not permit any passenger of this age group and children 4 years and below as a lap child or infant to travel single of its Spirit domestic or international flights.

3. Spirit Airlines considered a child of the age 5 Years to 14 Years is called a minor or Unaccompanied Minor. However, a minor, if traveling alone can travel on domestic flights only, and if the minor is unaccompanied with an adult passenger, so then they can travel on an International Flight.

4. If a passenger of at least 15 years of age is flying with the child in such a case only a child of 4 years or below can travel on Spirit Airlines in the domestic area only.

5. As per the Spirit Airlines Policy, the passengers of the age group 15 Years and Above will not be counted as minors but an Adult. The parents of the passenger from this age group yet need the unaccompanied minor service. Then you can demand the equivalent by giving a small service price.

Hence, as per Spirit Airlines Child Policy and rules say when the parents are flying with their children, lap infants, so they will require to show evidence of age.

Spirit Airlines Child Reservations FAQ

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By reading this Spirit Airlines child reservation policy, i can say that i can travel with my baby on the flight.