Spirit Airlines is not only known for its ultra-low-cost services; it is also appreciated for its easy and passenger-friendly cancellation services. They may charge different amounts for cancellations or reservations, and it depends on how or through which channel you are canceling or making changes to your booking.

However, if you are looking for a refund post cancellation of your booking with Spirit Airlines, then the information below should be quite beneficial for you. The airline, which is known for its cheap services, has its own set of criteria and policies for the cancellation of booked flights and refunds. Here we go with the elements of Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.

Spirit Airlines Online Cancellation Policy

If you already have a paid reservation and want to cancel your ticket, you will have to pay $90.00 to the air authority.

Spirit Airlines Telephonic Cancellation Policy

If you do not prefer to go for an online booking and instead make the cancellation over the phone, Spirit Airlines will charge you $100.00, which is around $10.00 more than the online cancellation charges.

Spirit Airlines Airport Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of reservation at the airport, in person, will also incur the same cancellation fee that is equal to the cancellation fee over the phone i.e., $100.00.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking Cancellation Policy  

For cancellation or making changes to a group booking, the cancellation fees may go up to $50.00 per passenger. For more information related to Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, you are requested to contact the passenger care professionals. Driven by their knowledge, these professionals are known for their domain knowledge, work dedication, and intension to deliver error-free services.


Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Due to Bad Weather

Spirit Airlines is known as the Ryanair of US carriers. You have a flight ticket with Spirit Airlines which was cancelled by the Airlines Company due to bad weather. Here are the cancellation policies of the airlines in such conditions.

Most of the time, the Airline's travel aspirants have cancelled the flight due to personal reasons or they are not comfortable with that particular time or date or plan change at the last moment. However, if it’s being cancelled by the airline management due to bad weather, in that case, the person having a ticket with the flight need not do anything.

Compare to any other airline, Spirit airlines cancellation is very simple and hassles free. In case of cancellation as per Spirit Airlines cancellation policy due to bad weather, the full fare of the ticket is being refunded by the Airlines to the travel Aspirants.

The airline will inform the person who has booked that flight in well advance. Spirit will also provide the next available flight seats to those who are willing to travel to the same departure and destination. Else, they can claim a refund of the ticket amount. In an above-discussed way, one can get a refund or can reschedule the cancelled flight by airlines due to bad weather.

Spirit Airlines Cancelled Ticket Refund Policy

Before you book your flight with Spirit Airlines, it is always essential to keep the following refund policy in mind. The air authority provides refunds only for reservations made seven days or 168 hours (can be more) before your flight's scheduled departure. Refund requests should be made within the first 24 hours from the time of booking or initial reservation. For bookings made through travel agents, the refund requests need to be made by the agency itself.

Cancellation and Refund Policy of Spirit Airlines FAQ

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