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Baby on Board Southwest Airlines Minor Child Policy

Southwest Airlines is one of the key airlines of the USA. It is the world’s prime low-price carrier airline. Southwest Airlines have dedicated Child and Infant policies. The passenger is having a reservation with Southwest airlines wants to travel along with children needs to know the child policy for the particular airlines before travel.

The Southwest company strongly recommends securing infants and small children in a CRS (Child Restraint Systems). This system is government-approved to use onboard. Therefore, when you book a child’s seat make sure that you booked the window or a middle seat along with an adult must be seated next to the child.

Hence, CRS is not present in the aisle seat, exit seat, or in a row directly forward or an exit row of seats so try not to book these seats for the child.

Traveling with an infant in a domestic flight may be carried free of cost or it may require a minimum base amount as per Southwest Airlines Child Policy.

The Infant between 14 days to 2 years not occupying any seat need to carry on a lap by the adult with whom they accompanied to travel.

For boarding verification, a valid government-approved Id card is required like a “birth certificate” or “passport” with age proof.

For Infants below 14 days of age, parents need to carry a doctor’s authorization to travel through airlines. If need any kind of onboard special assistance for infants and kids, Flight attendants are there always to help.

Traveling with an infant in intercontinental flight on the lap may be carried free of cost but you may have to give the taxes and fees for the international portion of the infant itinerary or if you want to book a seat for the infant, you need to pay the flight fare. It is a clause of Southwest Airlines Infant Policy. All the fees are to be paid prior to the travel to the company’s ticket counter or by calling the airline's customer service number.

How to Get Infant Seat in Southwest Airlines? 

If you want to purchase a seat for your infant, that case a proper boarding pass will be issued by the airline’s officials. However, if you want to carry your infant in your lap, then no boarding pass will be issued for the infant but in that case, boarding verification is mandatory for the infant. Southwest welcomes the passengers who wish to breastfeed on the aircraft within the company’s facilities.

The breastfeeding mother can carry extra hand baggage contains with a breast pump, breastmilk bottle, and other essential personal belongings. The Lavatory of the Aircraft has the facility to lied down the baby and do breastfeeding.




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