Skywest Airlines Covid-19 Pet Reservations Policy

Covid-19 has changed our life which is bound to stay us at home. In this tough time, the Airlines also makes difference in their roles and regulations for the safety reasons of its passenger. So, before booking a flight ticket any travel must know the details information about the pet policy of that particular airline. Now, do not be worry about your loveable pet. SkyWest airlines allow the pet to travel with a passenger. The traveler must fulfill the requirements to travel with their pet. This write-up will narrate full details about Skywest Airlines Pet Policy. Follow the below points:

Skywest Airlines Pet Policy

  • The traveler who wishes to carry a pet with them must inform the airlines at the time of booking their reservation or at least 48 before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • The pet carrier should be 70 lbs. So, the traveler can carry the small animals only. The large animal can be carried through cargo flight only and the price to carry the pet ranges from $100 to $900.
  • The traveler needs to select a water-proof, soft-sided container with a dimension of (22 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm) where the pets can stand and can turn around nicely. The container must fit under the sit-bin.
  • The flyer must produce a fitness certificate that the pet is fit to fly and the certificate should be from a registered vet within 10 days before the flight departure.

The airlines only allow small dogs and cats in the flight and they must stay at their kennel for the full journey period. The kennel that carries pets must be small in size that can be placed at the down head cabin. If any traveler doubts the Skywest Airlines pet policy they can contact with Skywest support team for more information.


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