Qatar Airways Passenger Name Change and Correction Policy

For the Qatar Airways Name change it doesn’t allow name change or correction on a very serious ground but it does allow it to some extent in wrong spelling, in typing mistakes and legal name changes.

Qatar Airways name change policy covers some points in order to make name change or correction policy to come into practice.

Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy

Qatar Airways Name correction can take place due to spelling errors or a missing name or part of a passenger's middle name or last name.

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Qatar Airways Name change can take place if the passengers name has been changed legally, passengers first name, middle name, as well as last name. Name changes are possibly permitted if a traveler has lawfully changed their name.

Other than these points no reason can be taken by Qatar Airways to allow name or correction.

While you are booking a ticket you can change or correct the name of the passenger not more than 3 characters in total whether it be the first name, Middle name or last name. The expansion, deletion, or change of the date of birth or PTC doesn’t count with 3 characters. For name changes demanding more than 3 characters you have to contact Qatar Airways office for help. Passengers whose names have been legally changed have to submit legal documents accordingly.

Mostly it happens after marriage, where a woman's last name has been changed.

Passengers do change or need correction after booking their tickets, for this they need to contact Qatar airways office. For legal name change likewise they have to submit their supporting legal documents.

Privilege Club profile members are not allowed to change or correct their names and name exchange is also not allowed.

Please note when the process of Qatar Airwaysb name change or correction has been done reissuing of e-ticket is must or else cancellation can be done to all changes.


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