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What is the Cancellation Policy of Qatar Airways?

If you have confirmed to cancel your reservation so before starting the cancellation procedure, just learn the complete information about the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy which will be helpful for the hassle-free cancellation as well as a refund request.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy with 24 hours:

Passengers need to cancel their booking before 24 hours of the flight departure time then, the cancellation fees will not be applicable but, after 24 hours of cancellation, passengers need to pay cancellation charges.

Get more Information about Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy:

The Qatar Airways flight ticket will only be cancelled from the official website of Qatar Airways or its application.

In case, any passenger is suffering any serious disease or illness then, passengers can claim the full refund amount without any cancellation but, passengers need to cancel their flight before departure, and they must submit the relevant document to the concerned authority.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy for flight delay & bad weather:

If any Qatar Airways flight has been delayed more than 3 hours, then passengers will get the opportunity to the dining or other complementary facilities such as meal, hotel accommodations, or other but, it will depend on the class or other major factors.

If the flight has cancelled due to bad weather or any emergency conditions then, passengers will get the full refund amount without any cancellation charges.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Fee:

  • As per the Qatar airways cancellation policy, two types of cancellation charges are applicable by Qatar airways.
  • Inbound cancellation charges: passengers must pay 50 US dollars for the no-show fees.
  • Outbound Cancellation charges: Passengers need to pay 75 US dollars cancellation charges and extra 100 US dollars no-show fees.
  • But, the Qatar airways cancellation charges are not fixed and they will always vary from passenger to passenger.

This the policy of Qatar Airways Flight Ticket Cancellation. If want to rebook or cancel the ticket then you can contact our booking team on given numbers.


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Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Policy FAQ

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