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What is the Pet Policy of Frontier Airlines?

Have an upcoming flight with Frontier Airlines and worried about your favourite pet to carry along with- no need to worry about it. Frontier Airlines allows certain types of pets with travel aspirants with certain terms and conditions. The frontier airline's domestic flights, allow domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds within the United States. Hence, for an international flight, this airline will only allow domestic dogs and cats with the travel aspirants in the cabin.

Pet Reservations
Frontier Airlines pet policy offers a simple pet reservation process. The travel aspirant must make a reservation for the pet. In this airline, only 10 pets are allowed at a time. After purchase, a flight ticket one must call customer care to make a reservation for their pet. The airline does not provide online reservations for pets.

Forms Required Carrying Pet in the Cabin
For Domestic flights within the United States, the traveller does not need to fill any form to carry their pets. But for International Flights, the traveller needs to fill the Frontier Medical/Mental Health Professional Form with a signature of a licensed medical or mental health professional and a Frontier Animal Behaviour Acknowledgment Form signed by the travel aspirants.

The Pet Container
The travel aspirants need to take a pet container to carry their pets not more than 8" H x 14" W x 18" L size, where the pet can stand, turn around. Soft-sided pet carriers are recommended for a pet which should be waterproof.

Age of the Pet
The age of the pets must be more than 4 months for travelling with the Frontier airline.

Restrictions for Carrying Pets
Due to health issues, the airline only allows pets in Cabin, they do not allow pets in cargo or check-in luggage.

Service Animal
In this airline, they allow one service dog with the travel aspirants. To travel with the pet the traveller needs to produce a document to the airline’s officials.

Vaccination Requirement for International Travel

For travel with this airline, recommended vaccinations are hepatitis, pip, and leptospirosis. Dog vaccinations not more than 12 months for Rabies vaccination at least 30 days in advance and cats over 3 months of age should be reflected on all health certificates for international travel. For more information about the Frontier Airlines pet policy can contact the customer care number or visit the airline’s official website

Frontier Airlines Pet Reservations Policy FAQ

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