All you would want to know about the cancellation policy and cancellation procedure of Avianca airlines.

Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your ticket with Avianca airlines then one of the most important point which should be kept in the customers mind is Avianca airlines cancellation policy. This section of the tutorial will well equip you with all the necessary knowledge of cancellation policy of Avianca airlines. In case something is not being followed or understood then don’t hesitate to avail direct assistance from us at any point of time without any hassles.

  • Avianca airlines comes with something named as 24 hours cancellation policy in which passengers canceling their tickets within 24 hours of booking can expect 100% of the refund amount. The only condition which needs to be fulfilled is that tickets booked should be refundable in nature.
  • Customers who booked non-refundable tickets would not get any sort of refund even if they are canceling their tickets.
  • Also the cancellation charges would be levied depending upon the time frame of cancellation.
  • The exact amount that would be refunded would be displayed onto the screen.

Avianca Airlines Cancellation Procedure

Now that the terms and conditions are clear so there would now be many of the passengers who would now be opting to cancel their tickets. There are two easy and quick ways to cancel the tickets of Avianca airlines. One is through toll free assistance in which the passengers can directly reach out to the official of Avianca to cancel their tickets. But in this case the passengers should ensure that they have got their tickets booked from officials of Avianca airlines. The other way through which passengers can cancel tickets in Avianca airlines is through manual or step by step procedure details of which is mentioned down in the tutorial.

Steps to Cancel Tickets in Avianca Airlines:

Step 1: Open the Avianca airlines portal or the travel portal from where the booking has been and the the ticket which you would want to cancel.

Step 2: Once opened then login to the same with the account username and account password and then directly move onto the Manage my Booking section.

Step 3: In the Manage my Booking section, list of available tickets would be displayed in which passengers can open the ticket which they would want to proceed with cancellation.

Step 4: If there are selected passengers who wish to cancel their ticket then they can select those passengers else they can select all of the passengers who wish to cancel.

Step 5: Once done then they can select the cancel button and then proceed with cancellation to confirm the cancellation of their tickets.

The amount that would be refunded would be displayed onto the passengers screen and the same would be credited depending upon the number of days banks take to complete the transaction.

Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy FAQ

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