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What is the Pet Policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Have an upcoming flight with Allegiant? And want to carry along with your loveable Pet- no need to worry about it. Now Allegiant allow a pet to travel within this airline. A travel aspirant is eager to know about the pet policy of this airline. Here are the full details about Allegiant Air Pet Policy simply and easily. This airline does not allow pets in cargo and check-in luggage for safety reasons of the pets.

For further inquiry about Allegiant Air Pet Policy, a travel aspirant can contact the customer service number of the airline. Here are the clauses of the pet policy defined by this airline company.

The airlines only allow small dogs and cats in the domestic flight within 48 states in the United States. They do not allow pets on their international flights. The pets are required to be harmless, non-disruptive, and odourless. They must not ill, harmful, or violent.

A travel aspirant needs to make a reservation for his/her pet at the time of reservation a ticket with the airlines. The fare to carry a pet with the traveller is 100 $ for one side of travel. If they do not make a reservation need to reach the Check-in Counter at least 45 minutes to 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

The traveller needs to select a water-proof, soft-sided container with a dimension of (22 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm) where the pets can stand and can turn around nicely. The container must fit under the sit-bin. In one container two pets are allowed.

To carry a pet in this airline the traveller must exceed the age of 15 weeks or the pet must be older than 8 weeks. The airlines allowed services dogs and emotional support animals in this airline. The traveller needs to present at the airline check-in counter at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

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Allegiant Airlines Pet Reservations Policy FAQ

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We recommed to look at Allegiant air Pet Policy if you want to travel with your pet in flight. Because seats are limited.