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Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy and Process

Plans do change sometimes due to emergencies in the last moments or sometimes due to other reasons, it is something that is high-time everyone should address, and the airlines should not be left behind in this work. Allegiant Air totally addresses this problem. This airline is one of the first major airlines to change its policies to accommodate solutions for this troublesome problem. Go through the below write-up to get detailed information about Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy:

Move to the "Manage Travel" Section to Manage your Problems

You can always go to the manage travel section of this highly recognized airline to change your flight or cancel the trip along with simple things like updating your seat number, upgrading your seat, and do reservations for your bags.

Change in Plans before 24 hours: Refund Available

If you are going to cancel the trip while using Allegiant Air, you are going to get a full refund of your money, without any question asked as this airline assures. If instead of canceling you want to change your flight travel to another date, then they adjust the pricing according to the gap between your current flight and the changed flight. If you are choosing a flight that costs more you pay the difference and if it costs less than they pay the difference. So, it is pretty simple and easy if you are changing your plans till 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

Late Change in Plans: No Availability of Refund

If you are planning for any cancellation of trip or change in plan, you will not get any refund of your money, unfortunately. Some will get future travel vouchers depending upon some genuine reasons like medical emergencies. If you buy the trip flex package of this airline then this major airline offers you a full refund till 1 hour before the departure of your flight, or else it is not possible.


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