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Alaska Airlines Pet Reservations Policy

Making a plan to travel with your lovely Pet during COVID? So, don’t worry about anything. Pets traveling in the cabin with their owners(travelers) will be accepted on all Alaska Airlines flights. The Alaska Airlines Pet Policy is made flexible to keep in mind the concept so that the Pet can travel to a friendly place to stay at their destination.

Let’s see the below given Alaska Airlines Pet rules and guidelines will be very helpful when you are flying with your Pet.

Pets in the Cabin:

Alaska Airlines allow for traveling the small domestic pets in the Cabin. Pets maybe Cats, Dogs, Tropical fish, Rabbits, Hamsters, Potbellied pigs, non-poisonous reptiles, and Household birds to travel in the cabin; make sure the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed from 20 lbs. (9 kg).

According to Alaska Airlines Pet Policy, the traveling dogs and cats should be at a minimum of 8 weeks old to travel in the cabin.

The airline allows each passenger to travel with a maximum of 2 pets, given that 2 seats are purchased. Instead, up to 2 pets of a similar breed may travel in the same carrier if they are under no pain. Every Pet in the cabin area has a payment of $100 for each mode.

Pets in Checked Baggage:

Alaska airline permits several small pets to travel as cargo if the combined weight of the pet and carrier don’t exceed 150 lbs (68 kg).

As per Alaska Airlines Pet Policy Dogs and Cats should as a minimum of 8 weeks old to travel in the hold. Every pet traveling in the grasp will have a remuneration of $100 for each mode.

If Alaska Airlines think that the weather is too bad or extreme temperatures in the cargo area, then the airline may decline pets’ services.

Hence, to get know more information about Pet Policy, just visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy in the Reference of COVID19 FAQ

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