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How To Make Group Booking In Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is one of the fifth-biggest airlines in the United States and it is a little bit different from the other airlines because it offers more flexible & comfortable journey to their passengers so it would be a very good decision if you have chosen Alaska Airlines for the group booking. Let’s see the complete booking process of group booking with Alaska airlines.

Alaska Airlines Group Booking Options:

Alaska Airlines provides multiple options for group travel and these options will depend on routes, number of travellers, or others. See the below-given information for more details.

     · Separate Travel

     · Travel Together

     · Charter a Flight

Separate Travel:

This option is allowed to travel to 20 or more people in a group for different cities but from the same destinations.

Travel Together:

This is another option for the Alaska airlines group booking where passengers can travel together with 10 or more people in a group for the same flight, destinations & date.

Charter a flight:

Alaska Airlines also introduced with charter a flight facility for the large group where passengers will get a separate aircraft or cabin and it will also customize according to the passengers.

Steps to Make Group Booking In Alaska Airlines?

  1. Firstly, just open any web browser and visit the Alaska Airlines website.
  2. Then, tap on the 'Book' section.
  3. Select journey type from 'One-way' or 'Two-way' or 'Multi-city'.
  4. Choose the 'Number of travellers' maximum 10 travellers.
  5. Fill in the mandatory field such as date, source, destination & class.
  6. Tap on the 'Find Flight' button.
  7. Select your flight as per the budget or other.
  8. Enter the passenger's information on the next page.
  9. Make the final payment.

Therefore, passengers can easily avail themselves the group booking using the above-presented steps and if you want to modify your travel itineraries such as check-in facility, additional baggage allowances, or other than, you can also add on the duration of the booking or after booking from the manage booking section of Alaska airlines.

To travel together & charter a flight, passengers need to contact the Alaska Airlines customer service number at +1-888-566-5066 which is available 24X7 by 365 days where you have to fill the form and then, you will get the approval.


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Alaska Airlines Group Travel Ticket Booking FAQ

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